About us


Find out why Qualipropre is not another maintenance company. We call it “The qualipropre solution” and we are based on the need to establish quality standards, customer service, warranty, technology and a wide range of services as the backbone of our work. Carrying out all our services efficiently with quality and guarantee is the qualipropre solution.



The quality Our number one priority,

we cannot offer an excellent service if we are not fully dedicated to maintaining an optimal level of quality, that is why at Qualipropre all our service providers are trained to carry out their tasks following a procedures manual with the highest quality standards. We also have supervisors who visit all the places where we are working and try to maintain excellent quality control.

We also provide our clients with numerous communication channels through which they can send us complaints or suggestions regarding the quality of our services. And at the same time we will be monitoring through brief and optional phone calls to find out the level of satisfaction of our customers.

The Guarantee Even the best footballer can miss a penalty kick, either way, with Qualipropre you are sure! All our works are 100% guaranteed, so you won't have to worry about something going wrong. With Qualipropre you play it safe. The technology At Qualipropre we are technology lovers, we also know that it is essential to be able to serve with quality and excellence, that is why we rely on the highest technology to carry out from the most basic to the most complex of our tasks, without doubt is not an option, Qualipropre is the solution.

Excellence in service.

Maintaining optimal levels of quality is part of providing a unique service experience. All of our service providers regularly attend motivational talks on how to provide and maintain excellent service. That you have in your hands the power to make a call at any time of the day any day of the year in the event of any mishap, is synonymous with

Service of excellence, that's why we have a 24-hour line that works 365 days a year.

Suppose an accident occurs that compromises the safety and / or well-being of the client, but it happens on a Friday night and next Monday is a holiday, with Qualipropre you should not have to worry at all, just call the moment and we will solve it. In the same way, our communication channels will be open for any complaint, question, clarification or suggestion of the service.